Hi, I’m Dr. Chelsey Smiley.  Welcome!

My husband and I opened our own practice right out of school in the beginning of 2011.  I am from Jasper, IN and we decided to settle in the Indianapolis area after graduating from chiropractic school.

I truly love what I do, and I believe in taking a holistic and personalized approach to each one of my patients.

I have a passion for treating pregnant mommas and truly want to help you achieve the best birth possible for you and your baby. I want each mother to feel empowered with her pregnancy and birth experience. I have advanced training in bodywork techniques to promote body balance for fetal positioning and pregnancy comfort, and breech body balancing. It is also very important to me to help nurture the new motherhood transition for all women.

I have a deep knowledge and understanding of assessing and treating infants with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding difficulties including tongue and/or lip ties, torticollis, birth trauma, and any other issues you or your baby may be experiencing.

I enjoy continuing to learn daily and have a thirst for knowledge. Outside of practice, you can find me reading, listening to podcasts, and taking weekend seminars when I get the chance! I also love to stay active and be in the outdoors. I am grateful to be able to practice with my husband, Dr. Steve Smiley.  We have 2 amazing children: our daughter Presley who is 3 years old and our son Cassius who is 1 year old. My biggest teachers in my life have been my kids and I will be forever grateful for that. They helped me discover my passion for helping to change birth in this world. Family and health are very important to us, and that is why we take pride in making you and your family as happy and healthy as you can be!

Training and Education:

1.       Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Indiana University in 2006

2.       Bachelor of Science in Life Science from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2007

3.       Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2009

4.       Post graduate training and certification from the Motion Palpation Institute in specific diagnostic procedures and functional rehabilitation. (2006-2011)

5.       Training in head, neck, and orofacial rehabilitation from the Central Institute for Human Performance in 2008

6.       CranioSacral Therapy 1 through the Upledger Institute in 2017

7.       Training in infant and prenatal Craniosacral Therapy with techniques developed by Dr. Carol Phillips

8.       Perinatal Care with Webster Technique Certification through the ICPA: May 2018

9.       Cranial Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols for the Infant and Child: ICPA July 2018

10.   Advanced Perinatal Chiropractic Application: ICPA Feb 2019

11.   Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner: August 2019

12.   Member of the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

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