What is the ChiroTrust Pledge?

The ChiroTrust Pledge is a document signed by a group of chiropractors across the globe that have “pledged” to give consumers what they want out of their chiropractic care.

What does this mean for you as a consumer and chiropractic patient?

When you visit a ChiroTrust member doctor such as the Indianapolis chiropractors Dr. Steve Smiley and Dr. Chelsey Smiley of Zionsville Chiropractic and Rehabilitation you will only be given mainstream, affordable, and convenient chiropractic care.

Let’s break down the many benefits to the consumer/chiropractic patient:


·         Walk in when you want to be adjusted

·         Little to no wait times to be seen

·         No pressure for long-term visits

·         Choose between a male or female chiropractor

·         Adjustments provided on first visit

·         X-rays are not taken unless warranted


·         Most insurances are accepted

·         Time of service fees for people without insurance

·         All treatment plans are short-term in nature

·         Fees are reasonable and competitive for Indianapolis

The future of chiropractic is here.  If this model of chiropractic care fits your needs and gives you what you want call our office at 317-228-9701 and schedule your no obligation free consultation with one of your Indianapolis chiropractors.

For your peace of mind this Indianapolis office has taken the Pledge.

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