The Practice Building Alliance Review

Practice Building Alliance Review:

The Practice Building Alliance (PBA) was started by Dr. Ben Altadonna; a chiropractor and marketing specialist from Danville, California. PBA has coined the phrase, “practice building done for you.”


What does “done for you” mean? The Practice Building Alliance has put together integral communication systems that reach your patients on a weekly and monthly time schedule.


Here is what PBA does for you when you become a member:


Email your patients a weekly health update every week.  You can even get these health updates new and fresh daily for your leads if you choose to.


Email your patients a monthly newsletter once a month with an insert written by Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer of The Cleveland Clinic, guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and consultant to the Dr. Oz Show. (Great for social proof)


Provides you with a hard copy to snail mail inactive and active patients.


Mail 20 MD’s in your area the “Modern Physician Newsletter” written by Dr. Dan Murphy.


The Practice Building Alliance provides you with a blog built for you. The blog is updated weekly with 5 different condition specific updates.


Provide you with a “blog postcard” to snail mail your patients once a month driving them to your blog to check out the new updates.


You can call Dr. Ben Altadonna on Monday-Thursday from 8AM – 10AM Pacific time. You can also listen to these calls as they’re live.


Dr. Ben Altadonna does a 1-hour live teleclass every month on a given topic.


His advisors do a one-hour Q and A once a month.


His team of advisors with the Practice Building Alliance Include:


Dr. Chris Stepanek, DC – Relief care practicing model


Dr. Steve Yeomans, DC, FACO – Exams, re-exams, clinical


Dr. John Schmidt, DC – Medicare, insurance, compliance


Dr. Dan Murphy, DC, DABCO – Clinical, orthopedic


Keith Carlson, Esq – Legal matters


Ms. Pat Atanas – CA training, procedures


When you join PBA you will have access to all the recorded calls in the “vault.”

Included are various marketing pieces here and there. Dr. Ben Altadonna also provides a once a month marketing critique certificate for members. This is great for docs wanting him to take a look at a new marketing campaign being put in the works.

The Practice Building Alliance Review Conclusion:


The PBA is really good at communicating with your patients. This is an absolute must in business and in practice. They teach you how to nurture your relationships with your patients. Dr. Ben Altadonna is a marketing guy so anything he comes up with works. Dr. Altadonna will teach you how to have “fertile ground” in your practice.


Not sure if your office looks up to par? Get a copy of the “Fertile Ground Manual” at Amazon.


The PBA teaches you how to implement the “relief care” model of practice. Which is exactly what patients want in 2014 and beyond. Give patients what they want and they’ll stay, pay, and refer.


This Practice Building Alliance review will ruffle your feathers a little bit as a chiropractor by attempting to get you to be more mainstream.

You must realize it's extremely important moving into the new healthcare system that you give patient's what they want.  

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