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Walk In Chiropractic Indianapolis Services:

After years of serving the good people of Indianapolis, we’ve learned that you’re busy.  Office workers, commuters, city travelers, and busy executives prefer the convenience of being adjusted when it fits into their schedule.  We’ve also learned that our patients value their time and don’t like long wait times, so we have eliminated timely wait times.  

We are open 4 days a week Monday – Thursday until 6PM to cater to commuters traveling after work.   For these reasons we offer walk-in chiropractic services at our office.

We keep it simple when it comes to our chiropractic services and treatments as well.  We offer short-term back and neck pain relief care without any long term treatment plans or commitments.   Patients pay per visit and if insurance (we’re in most plans) is used we file claims and patients pay according to their plan benefits.

If you’re having back pain, neck pain, or headaches you can walk-in for your first visit, not expect wait times, not worry about getting x-rayed (unless warranted following consultation and exam), not worry about being “sold” on a long term treatment plan.  Once our evaluation is complete we’ll give you an assessment and recommend a short-term action plan that’s fits into your busy lifestyle.  After all, we know you don’t have time to be in pain.

A typical office visit will consist of spinal adjustments and if necessary muscle release and/or muscle stretching techniques.  If exercise instruction is needed this will be included as an option but not mandated.   Your typical visit will be 15-20 minutes in duration and back to your life.

We provide short term back and neck pain relief, but we also treat an array of symptoms and conditions:

-          Arm or leg pain

-          Hip pain

-          Fibromyalgia

-          Sciatica

-          Headaches

-          Carpal tunnel syndrome

-          Whiplash

-          Sports injuries

-      TMJ evaluation and treatment

-          Menstrual migraines

If you’re experiencing any one of the symptoms above feel free to walk-in to our Indianapolis chiropractic office and get the short-term treatment you want.

Walk in Chiropractic Indianapolis

Our office is also known for providing mainstream chiropractic care that is both convenient and affordable.  Our mainstream approach has become popular with the medical community around the city because they can trust that we will treat their patient quickly and efficiently without any unnecessary modalities or therapies.  Even more importantly, our patients love our modern approach and some have stated that we’re like a “breath of fresh air” when it comes to chiropractic care.

The office is located at the corner of Zionsville Rd. and 86th Street behind Trader’s Point shopping center.   If you would to like to schedule an appointment to come in and be treated on the same day, call 317-228-9701.

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