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Back pain treatment could often prove to be a long and subtle process, but this article is aimed at covering some simple steps to get some immediate relief, which may possibly lead to more targeted long term relief. On important part of the problem of finding some effective back pain relief, however, may be the fact that you first have to determine the actual cause of your back pain. The process of proper diagnosis should be done by a doctor or chiropractor. Once you have determined the cause you’re your pain, you can begin treatment in a more effective way. Treatment for persisting back pains not be undertaken without the assistance of a doctor.

For at home back pain treatment, you might consider some simple stretching exercises. Back pain can be caused by compression of the spinal cord, and stretching exercises for your spine may lead to some immediate back pain relief. You can also try sitting in a straight back chair, and while crossing your arms across your chest, and lowering your torso until it touches with your knees. If you can't go all the way down that’s not a problem; try stretching as far as you can to effectively stretch out your spine. If your pain worsens you can always stop the exercise.

Yoga exercises can also be a great aid to treatment. Yoga is a series of stretches and breathing techniques that relax the body, mind and help stretch key muscles. You may also discover that your lower back pain relief shows when you stretch out your hamstrings or your thighs. In some cases you may find that stretching your lower back does not to bring you the back pain relief, but instead stretching your shoulders and arms does.

While medications may be used to attain back pain relief, it would be wise to consult a doctor before using anything stronger than a mild pain killer. If you are using aspirin or some other mild pain killer regularly with little or no results, your doctor may be able to prescribe stronger medications such as painkillers or muscle relaxants. These, again, may be temporary fixes, and your doctor would most likely want to pursue other back pain treatment avenues to diagnose and treat your back pain. Chiropractic may help in back pain relief, as a chiropractor can often isolate the specific problem areas that are causing your back pain.

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