A Must Have Plan to Boost Your Immune System This Winter

Flu season is upon us so now is the time to start your plan to boost your immune system to stay health and spread holiday cheer instead of holiday airborne flu droplets.

Below is a sure fire plan to stay cold and flu free this winter.  Follow these steps to insure your family’s holiday season goes exactly as planned.

Natural Plan to Prevent Cold and Flu:

1.       Raw Foods – Eat lots of colorful fruits and vegetables

Eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables is a great way to keep your body alkaline and less acidic.  Nasty cold and flu germs don’t like this kind of environment and it makes it hard for them to stick around in the body.  If you’re not a fan of eating your veggies try blending them into a smoothie for a healthy snack.

2.       Avoid all white sugars and processed foods

I know, I know, it’s the holiday season.  If you really want to stay healthy you must have the power to avoid the sweets and junk food.  You will feel so much better.  You will have fewer cravings and let’s face it, in the long run your body will thank you.  If you splurge, keep it at a minimum.

3.       Drink lots of water

Good ol’ H2O.  Try very hard to avoid anything with dyes, HFCS, and artificial sweeteners as they suppress the immune system.  Try to drink at least 64oz per day.  It’s best to drink up to 100oz per day.

4.       Get some SLEEP!

We all don’t get as much rest as we should.  Take time to relax and slow down this holiday season.  Try to get an extra hour or two each night especially if you’re already fighting the cold or flu bug.

5.       Vitamin D3

We don’t get enough from the sun and most people are deficient.  Research into Vitamin D shows great evidence of a natural way to boost your immune system.  Many other health benefits make this a must have in your winter health plan.

6.       Liquid Echinacea

It’s been long know that the herb Echinacea helps prevent and fight off cold and flu symptoms especially respiratory infections.  The liquid form is potent and a must take at the first sign of symptoms. 

7.       Garlic or garlic oil

Garlic and garlic oil is an excellent way to protect you and your children’s ears from infections this winter.  You can even chop up fresh garlic cloves and eat them raw or in recipes.

8.       Lysine

Lysine not only gets rid of cold sores it also works on strep throat as well.  If you feel a sore throat coming on it’s time to down some lysine.  You can get this in liquid or tablet form.

9.       Vitamin C

Everyone knows about vitamin C.  It can also be found in green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits.  Avoid fruit juices to get vitamin C.  Fruit juices are high in added refined sugars.

10.   Exercise

Move your body. It’s what we’re designed to do. J Exercise is great for healthy living, feeling awesome, and it helps the lymphatic system drain all the unwanted garbage out of our bodies.

11.   Probiotics

We all need a healthy gut.  Thanks to all the processed foods and antibiotics it’s hard to maintain one.  One of the absolute best ways to boost your immune system is to keep your gut healthy with good bacteria.  You can find a good probiotic in capsules or tablets.

12.   Get adjusted

The immune system and nervous system are hardwired to work together to create optimal physical responses in the body.  Chiropractors work to find areas of spinal dysfunction compression or irritation to neural pathways.  Spinal adjustments reduce stress on the nervous system allowing for normal physical responses that includes immune system function.

That’s a wrap on our natural ways to boost your immune system this winter.  Remember that even small changes can have a big impact.  If you have any questions feel free to use the contact us form on this website.

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