Chiropractic Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Practice in Today's Healthcare Model

Chiropractic Marketing Ideas:

Today, it seems like there is a chiropractic consultant on every corner.  Maybe, this is because we as chiropractors don’t share “ideas” with each other as much as we should.


Maybe, this is because as a profession we are struggling.  Unfortunately, the number of patient visits the average chiropractor sees per week is going down while insurance companies tighten their fee schedules more.  Shrinking our margins as much as they can.


What is the key to keeping patients coming in daily? What is the key to replacing those patients as soon as their treatment plan is completed?


The first step is setting up your office for the patient, not for yourself.  Everything in your office should be congruent with your message.  In our chiropractic marketing ideas this is called laying down fertile ground.  Fertile ground for patients to pay, stay, and refer patients to you.


This is exactly what Dr. Ben Altadonna teaches in his Practice Buildling Alliance.  If you’re struggling in any part of your practice, I would go Google him right now and think about getting in contact with his company.


Fertile ground consists of every single aspect of your practice.  What’s on the walls? What’s on the reception desk? Is the carpet clean? Are the windows clean? Is the parking lot clean? Is your CA clean cut and professional? Are you clean cut and professional?


This is without a doubt the first step in our marketing ideas for chiropractors; make sure everything in your office is in good working order, clean, neat, and professional.


Chiropractic Marketing IdeasPatients are already looking for things to knock you down, so get this right and lay down the fertile ground.


Step 2: Build Your List of prospects


Have you ever heard a consultant say the money is in your list? They are referring to your list of qualified prospects.  How do you build a list? Well, hopefully you are already collecting patient email addresses.  You already have a list of patients.


Here are some chiropractic marketing ideas to build your list of prospects today:


Go around to local businesses and exchange business cards.  Ask them if you can get their email address to send you newsletter to them.  Boom they are on your list.


If you have a website, offer visitors a free video or free report in exchange for their email address.  Give a talk to a group and pass around an email sheet to get on your newsletter list.


Step 3: Communicate with your list and patients frequently


You need to be emailing your list and your patient list at least 3-4 times a month. Email them health information, promotions, news about your office, and your newsletter.  This is the best way to reactive inactive patients.  Keep in touch and keep them thinking about you.


This is a chiropractic marketing ideas secret, keep your name and face in front of your prospects.  This makes it very hard not to choose you when shopping around for a chiropractor.


You need to snail mail your patient list (inactive and active) at least twice a month.  Send them a post card and a hard copy of your newsletter to start.


Step 4: Learn a little about the internet and how to market your practice online.


If you don’t have a blog or website get one today.  After you have it start posting to it every day.  Blog about the information people in your town are searching for.


Another of our chiropractic marketing ideas is to set up a Google Plus Local page for your practice.  Whoever isn’t on your list is going to Google, Yahoo, or Bing to search for a chiropractor.  If you’re at the top of these lists, get ready for an extra 15-20 new patients a month.

Now go get to work on implementing these marketing ideas for chiropractors today.

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