Common Chiropractic Procedures When You Visit a Chiropractor

Common Chiropractic Procedures:


Procedures start with the patient calling into the chiropractic office for more information or to get an appointment.  The receptionist should answer the phone happy to speak with you and try their best to answer any questions you may have.  She/He shall give you the best possible appointment time to fit your schedule.


Upon arriving to the clinic the outside should be clean and professional.  When you enter the clinic the receptionist should greet you with a smile and call you by name.  It should be clean and professional because the clinic is an extension of the chiropractor.  Today, come clinics have paperwork online that you can fill out to bring into your first appointment.  This saves you time as well as the clinic.


After finishing the paperwork the chiropractic assistant will take you back to the consultation area.  During the consultation the doctor will ask you some questions about your complaint and get a health history.


When the doctor collects enough information from you he will proceed with a chiropractic examination with your understanding of what is happening next.  During this examination the doctor will perform various orthopedic and neurologic tests to help them find the root cause of your complaint.


At this time the chiropractor will decide whether or not x-ray testing is suitable for your case.  If the clinic is not equipped with x-ray the chiropractor will send you to the nearest imaging center or hospital whichever is more convenient.  If no x-rays are needed the doctor will proceed with a recommended action plan, explain what is wrong, and how to fix it.  Treatment most likely will start right away.


Most of the time the doctor will process the information right away and treat you on the first visit.


Overall, visiting the chiropractor should be a good experience.  When proper chiropractic procedures are followed everything should go smoothly.

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