Chiropractor Employment Will Continue To Grow

Chiropractor employment is predicted to continue to grow well into 2014 according to and the 11th Annual Salary and Expense Survey. 

According to chiropractor earnings have continued to grow over the last few years as well.  From 2007 to 2008 chiropractor earnings were on the rise.  In 2014 with the implementation of ObamaCare there is no real evidence this will hurt or help chiropractors.

Many patients are continuing to look for alternative methods to heal or alleviate their chronic neck or back pain.  Standard procedure in the medical community is pain killer, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxer.  If it’s bad enough they get a steroid injection.  Or they send for physical therapy.  

Patients are starting to get fed up with this medical model and over scripting procedures.

Chiropractic continues to provide the research year after year proving its effectiveness on back and neck pain.  For this very reason chiropractic grows year after year.  Another reason chiropractic is growing is the number of students attending chiropractic school. 

Enrollment numbers are on the rise at almost every chiropractic school in the country.  That tells us one thing; students looking to become a doctor are swaying away from medicine and going into chiropractic.

Speaking as a chiropractor there’s no doubt we are good at what we do (treating neck and back pain).  This is exactly why physical therapists and massage therapists are trying to obtain the skills we have.  Trust me, they can try but in my experience they will never be as good.  Why? Because of the palpation and adjusting techniques taught in chiropractic schools across the country.

As long as quality chiropractors continue to teach at colleges across the country and produce quality chiropractors out into the field, chiropractic will continue to grow for years to come

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