How to Choose a Chiropractor

Are people nervous when they have to choose a chiropractor? Yes, most people are nervous. Why, because most people have no idea what to expect.

First and foremost, in most cases there is nothing to be nervous about. If you are one of those people who are afraid to hear the “crack” of joints, you have to understand that this is most likely the best thing for you, if you are looking for a chiropractor already.

If you are nervous, a chiropractor should make you feel as comfortable as possible before proceeding with any adjusting procedures.

This brings me to the title of this article, “How to Choose a Chiropractor.” Not every chiropractor is created equal. With this being said the first thing to do is your homework. Find out a little bit about the doctor first. Did he/she go to a reputable school? What is he/she’s background? Is their technique suitable for your case? Is this a likeable person? An important question, because if you have waited too long to get treatment you might see this person a few times a week for the next month, so make sure you like the guy.

Ok, you have selected a doctor and now it’s time to call and make the appointment. Does the receptionist sound friendly? Does she do anything she can to try to help? You will most likely be seeing this person a lot so she should become a friendly, helpful face to you.

You have an appointment and you arrive at the office. Does the office look clean? Does it look professional both inside and out. Does the receptionist/chiropractic assistant greet you with a smile? The office should be an extension of the doctor/s.

You should be prepared to spend around an hour or more in the office for your first visit. The appropriate consultation should be done to find out exactly what you are in the office for, history of the chief complaint, etc.

Once the consultation is done the doctor will most likely do an exam. At this time he/she should put you in various positions and motions to try to aggravate your pain and find where it is coming from. Appropriate neurological tests should be performed as well depending on your case.

At this point the doctor could choose from a few options. The doctor may decide x-rays are in order for your case or he/she could give you a report of findings (ROF) or the doctor could wait until the next appointment for this.

If the doctor decides to do it on the first visit, they are most likely wanting to start treatment right away. After the doc explains to you what he/she thinks is wrong with you and gives you the best treatment options, you should have a chance to think about it and accept or decline treatment at that time.

Another option the doctor has is to make another appointment, most likely for the next day to give you your ROF. After this the doctor will start treatment with your permission. If the doctor is unsure of your condition or does not think he/she can help you, proper arrangements should be made to make a referral to another health care professional that could help you.

In summary, make sure the entire office promotes a friendly, professional atmosphere. Most likely, you are there in pain and want to feel as comfortable as possible. Also choose a chiropractor this is likeable because you might be seeing a lot of them.

Written By: Steve Smiley, D.C.

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