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Chronic low back pain should be treated early in the progression to achieve optimum results.  It is very important to treat chronic back pain aggressively as it has the ability to become a debilitating benign condition. 

When a patient's low back pain goes untreated for a period of two weeks to a month it has become a chronic condition.  A three step approach to beating chronic pain can be utilized consisting of spinal manipulation by a mainstream chiropractor, rehabilitative functional exercises, and a nutritional component to beat chronic inflammation. 

Spinal Manipulation:

Spinal manipulation is the same thing as a chiropractic adjustment and this is the best option to restore motion or alignment in the lumbo-pelvic region of the low back.  Motion palpation is utilized to find joints in the low back that are "locked up" or "restricted."  To receive the best results a chiropractor should select the adjustment tailored to the patient's individual needs.  Spinal manipulations should be used in short term duration of 1 to 2 weeks preferably, but may need up to1 month or longer to completely retore proper motion and biomechanics to the lower back region.  A chronic condition sometimes takes years of poor posture, overuse activites, and poor dietary habits to manifest so it takes time to correct.

Low Back Rehabilitation:

The muscles of the "core" and pelvis play a very important role in stabilizing the lumbar spine and pelvis.  It is very important to be functional assessed by a chiropractor or other rehab specialist that can identify muscles in the core and low back area that have become weak and atrophied or overactive and hypertrophied.  For example, a patient with lower crossed syndrome usually has a hyper-lordotic posture (big curve in the lower back with belly pouching slightly), which means they have weak or inhibited glutes and abdominal muscles, and tight thoraco-lumbar junction erector and hip flexor (iliopsoas) muscles. 

This patient would need rehabilitative exercises to strengthen the core and glute muscles and relaxation techniques to relax the muscles of the low back and hip flexors. This is just one example tailored to an individual patient.  More generally, rehab specialist Stu Mcgill recommends the "low back big 3" consisting of 1. cat-Camel 2. Bird Dog 3. Side Bridge.  To increase low back spinal mobility and stabilize or strengthen the muscles of the "core" and low back.

Nutritional Component:

To fight chronic infammation in the body certain dietary changes should be made.  Chronic inflammation and sensivity to pain is more pronounced in people who's diet primarly consists of grain products, sugars, and processed foods.  Grains inflame because of the high Omega-6 fatty acid content.  To fight this inflammation low back pain patients should follow the anti-inflammatory diet (vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meats, and fish).  This diet with proper supplementation, exercise, sleep, and stress management should be incorporated as base to avoid pain and inflammation forever.

Your Indianapolis chiropractor recommends the following quality supplementation to start fighting inflammation and live pain free:

1. Multi-vitamin/mineral

2. Magnesium

3. Vitamin D3

4. Clinical Omega-3

For questions on how a mainstream chiropractor can help you live chronic low back pain free utilize the contact us for to the left of this page.

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