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Indianapolis chiropractor testimonials for Zionsville Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. We provide mainstream, affordable, convenient chiropractic care in the form of short-term neck and back pain relief care without putting patients on long-term treatment plans.

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Patient: Nat

I highly recommend you check them out. I have had nothing but a great experience using Zionsville Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center. Thorough and professional assessment combined with a flexible treatment plan gives a customized program that works for your situation and at your pace. Add the super hospitality from Dr. Steve Smiley and Dr. Chelsey Smiley - you will not be disappointed.

Zionsville Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Reviewed by Marvin on .

I first found Zionsville Chiropratic & Rehab by searching for their expert services on the web. I was in a lot of pain relating to my left upper shoulder and arm. After contacting them an appointment was set for me to come in at which point some x-rays were taken to determine what may be the problem. After examining x-rays the determination was made as to what the problem was and treatment was started. I can now say without a doubt it was the best decision I could have made in choosing them for my treatment. They started out gently with me and increased procedures at a comfortable rate along with showing me home rehab I could do on my own. Now I am pleased to report the results have been amazing I am completely pain free and back to doing all the things I normally would be doing. Their services have brought me back to a comfort life style I wasn't sure I would ever have again. I had never tried this kind of treatment before but I'm so glad I did. In pain, I recommend these doctors.

Rating: 5.0

Zionsville Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Reviewed by Regina on .

I absolutely loved my visit with the Smileys at ZCRC! I have never met any Chiropractor that has actualy provided me with such a thorough assessment, adjustment, and plan of care that included beneficial exercises to maintain wellness at home between adjustments! I have no problem sending my massage therapy clients, family, and friends their way knowing that each referral will receive the same quality of care. Thanks ZCRC!

Rating: 5.0

Zionsville Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Reviewed by Sarah on .

They get a smile and an A+ at ZCRC! They have positive attitude and like the relaxed and easy going atmospere! I mainly like the adjustments, stretches, and exercises, made me realize stuff about my own body! Most Chiropractors only take 15 minutes, to talk with you and adjust you, and send you on your way! BUT NOT THEM!!! These Chiropractor's take the time to see every aspect of your issue...and do what they think is best~ I think it was an hour long treatment session... I would definitely send family and friends to them!

Rating: 5.0

Patient: Tracy

I have recently visited ZCRC to be treated for my lower back pain due to my scoliosis. I went in with mild discomfort and came out feeling really good. My back feels so much better now. I will continue my treatment at ZCRC so i will hopefully not have much back pain. Thank you to both doctors for helping me and being so friendly and understanding to my needs. I look forward to getting more treatments in the future!

Zionsville Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Reviewed by Jared on .

Great Chiropractic care!I had neck pain from using a new pillow and after my visit to ZCRC I felt 100% better. Dr. Steve is very skillful and thorough with his diagnosis. The facility is new and clean and both doctors are friendly and easily approachable. Also, the treatments are very affordable and compared to other area Chiropractors their pricing can't be beat. I would highly recommend anyone make an appointment here to get treated.

Rating: 5.0

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8870 Zionsville Rd. Suite B Indianapolis, IN 46268

(Behind Trader's Point shopping center)