Indianapolis Sciatica Treatment: Natural Relief Without Dangerous Drugs or Surgery

Indianapolis Sciatica Treatment:

Do you have low back pain with leg pain?  There is a difference in LBP and LBP with leg pain.  LBP can be a lot less complicated.  Sciatica is not considered a medical diagnosis in itself; it’s often a symptom of lumbar disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, or spinal stenosis.  To fully understand the difference we must first look at the anatomy of the spine, lower back region, and sciatic nerve itself.

The bottom of the spine consists of five lumbar vertebrae.  These vertebrae are separated by a shock absorbing disc.  We have two pelvic bones, the sacrum, coccyx (tailbone), and an intricate system of muscles, tendons, and ligaments that keep the lower extremities moving and functional.

The sciatic nerve is made up of five smaller nerves (L4, 5, S1, 2, 3) that join together to form a bigger nerve.  The term “sciatica” should only be used when this nerve or one of the smaller nerves are pinched or irritated.  Common things that can cause irritation or pinch these nerves are lumbar spine disc that has leaked out into the area of the nerve flow, a mis-aligned vertebral segment causing a “pinching” sensation, arthritis or a bone spur that has caused irritation to proper nerve flow, a less common cause but must be mentioned here is a tumor in the area of the nerve. 

The back pain authority says, “A term called “pseudosciatica” (a non-disk cause) includes a pinch from the piriformis muscle where the nerve passes through the pelvis (in the “cheek” or, the buttocks), which has been commonly referred to as “wallet sciatica” as sitting on the wallet in the back pocket is often the cause. When this occurs, the term “peripheral neuropathy” is the most accurate term to use. Other “pseudosciatic” causes include referred pain from the facet joints which is described by the patient as a “deep ache” inside the leg, or from a metabolic condition where the nerve is affected such as diabetes and other conditions. Here again, the term, “neuropathy” is the better label when diabetes, hypothyroid, lead poisoning, alcohol toxicity and/or others is the culprit.  A Direct trauma like a bruise to the buttocks from falling or hitting the nerve during an injection into the buttocks can also trigger “sciatica.”

Indianapolis Sciatica Treatment Symptoms:

-         A constant nagging pain in one side of the buttocks or leg (not common for this to occur in both legs)

-         Pain that gets worse when sitting down

-         Leg pain that is described as burning, tingling, or numb

-         A feeling of weakness, numbness, or trouble moving the leg and foot

-         A sharp pain that may cause difficulty in getting up and walking from sitting down

Symptoms can be very painful and often debilitating, however, it is very rare to have permanent sciatic nerve damage following one of the previous mentioned conditions.

Options For Indianapolis Sciatica Treatment:

Chiropractic Care:

The goal of any natural treatment for sciatica is to decrease pain and take pressure off any neurological symptoms from the compressed nerve root.  Chiropractic care uses spinal adjustments and manual manipulation to address areas of spinal dysfunction caused by a mis-aligned vertebra or a vertebral segment that has lost its normal motion. 

When a joint in the spine loses its normal motion it causes other areas in the spine to move too much, which can cause arthritis and increase the degenerative process of the spine.  A trained and licensed chiropractor provides an adjustment to increase the motion of the segment which will naturally increase the function of the joint.  Chiropractic has become the gold standard in treating and relieving back pain naturally and should be used as a first line of treatment before any risky, dangerous, surgeries are performed.

Other natural therapies that can be used in conjunction with chiropractic care are massage therapy, acupuncture, ice or cryotherapy, stretching, exercise, and supplementation.

How Can We Help You Find Indianapolis Sciatica Treatment?

At Pain Relief Chiropractic we provide short-term relief care for sciatica, back pain, and neck pain.  This means we treat the patient based on their current symptoms and do not set patients up on long-term treatment plans.  If you’re experiencing low back pain and leg pain we work to provide relief from your symptoms and take pressure of the irritated nerves.   Hence, releasing you from care fast and getting you back to the things your pain has taken away from you.   If you’d like to come in and speak with us we offer free consultations with no obligation for care.  

In good health,

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