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A menstrual migraine or just simply migraines in general can be a very disabling condition. They are a very complex mechanism in the body. A migraine is a very intense headache that can cause you to see auras, have light sensitivity, or make you so nauseous that you vomit.

It seems to take place in women more than men. They can also occur very frequently during a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Women have missed more days from household work and family/leisure activities than from work/school activities, however ability to do household work and performance at work/school activities were reduced by at least half. Poor quality of life was described in migraine patients and mood disorders were associated with significant decrements in quality of life.

Many people resort to pharmaceutical medication for pain relief. The most common method is NSAIDS (IB Profen, pain-relievers, etc). NSAIDS stands for non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drugs. Over time people can build a resistance to these drugs and consume more and more. Over consumption of these drugs have been linked to stomach ulcers, and liver damage.

It is important for women and men alike to start getting educated on conservative, natural treatment methods that can help and prevent migraines from occurring again or less frequent.

Conservative Treatments Shown Effective:

Chiropractic Adjustments:

Clinical observations suggest that migraines may be aggravated or potentially caused by cervical spine conditions. One proposed mechanism for how chiropractic treatment could influence migraine is through alteration of the pain sensitivity of the central nervous system.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet:

Research now clearly demonstrates that our dietary habits can promote a state of chronic inflammation that leads to the expression of aches, pains, disability, and most chronic diseases. The Anti-inflammatory diet may give people relief who suffer from chronic headaches.

Nutritional Support and Supplementation:

Studies have shown some people with migraine attacks are deficient in the mineral magnesium. Supplementing magnesium is most absorbable when paired with citrate. At ZCRC we recommend all patients with any form of headache start supplementation with magnesium.

Other things that have shown to benefit migraine sufferers are B-vitamin complex, and omega-3 fatty acids. These can all be used in conjunction to help prevent menstrual migraine headaches.

At ZCRC we listen to your problem, do the appropriate exam to find out where your migraine is coming from, discuss your options with you, give you our recommendations, then start treating with the above mentioned natural relief methods.

The most important thing we can do for you is work with you to find the best treatments that work for you on an individual level.

Take action and start your road to recovering from migraines.

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