Mid Back Pain Treatment

Mid back pain is mainly caused by bad posture habits or overuse of the seated position. When we sit all day various changes take place in the spinal column and surrounding muscles.

These changes take place because of poor posture habits. It is very important to take micro-breaks from work, school, etc.

These micro-breaks can involve getting up and stretching, walking around the office, whatever you can do to break the seated posture for a few minutes.

At ZCRC we have a few 30 second exercises you can do at work or at home to accomplish this. We will discuss these exercises in later pages.

A short list of things that can cause middle back pain are muscle strains, scoliosis, arthritis, or disc herniations. Disc herniations in the thoracic spine are rare and most likely not producing the pain. You usually don’t even know you have them.

Other more serious organ conditions can produce pain into the mid back: gallbladder, heart, lungs, pregnancy, pneumonia, pancreatitis, etc. This is what sometimes makes diagnosing middle back pain difficult for clinicians. It is a common area for referral pain.

Most of the time the pain is associated to posture or an injury and can easily be fixed with spinal manipulation to unlock fixated joints, rehabilitation exercises to strengthen weak muscles, and some posture correction to help while performing activities.

If you're suffering from mid back pain and would like to schedule a FREE consultation give our office a call at 317-228-9701 or walk in and be seen today.

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