Neck Pain Relief

How to Get Neck Pain Relief With Chiropractic Care:

Are you suffering from nagging or extreme neck pain and not sure what to do about it? Have you been to the medical doctor and left with steroid injections, muscle relaxers, and pain relievers? If you answered yes to any of the above questions this article is for you.

Some people reading this article might know nothing about chiropractic or chiropractors and some might go to one every month. In either situation, this article will educate both patient types on neck pain and how to get neck pain relief. The more you learn about your neck pain the easier it will become to beat it and live pain free.

First, let’s discuss the anatomy of the neck and how it relates to other areas in the body. The neck consists of 7 vertebrae that make up the cervical spine. Between each vertebra is a tiny disc that acts as a cushion and shock absorber between the bones.

The neck and cervical spine house the upper portion of the spinal cord. Between each vertebra is a spinal nerve that goes to various other parts of the upper torso and upper extremity. Each spinal nerve innervates a very specific area of the arm or upper body.

If interference occurs along a spinal nerve pathway a whole array of problems can begin to manifest. A spinal nerve can get compressed by a joint, trapped by a muscle, or trapped by any surrounding tissues. A compressed nerve is what some doctors will refer to as a “pinched nerve.” In reality though, nerves simply do not get pinched.

This interference in the spinal nerve can cause pain, numbness, tingling, pins and needles, or burning in the arm and fingers. Some things that cause interference in a spinal nerve pathway are disc herniations, degenerative joint/disc disease, cervical spine stenosis, and muscle spasm. For the sake of this article only the most common conditions are named.

If you are suffering from neck pain and arm pain it is likely you have one of the conditions mentioned above and it would be best to try a chiropractor first. Most likely a chiropractor will take x-rays to decide exactly what you are suffering from.

If it’s a more serious issue the chiropractor does have the resources to get you to who you need to be evaluated by.

If you choose a chiropractor to treat your neck pain; you will most likely be treated with neck manipulation, rehabilitation exercise, acute pain management such as ice or electrotherapy, and advice on work/school ergonomics. It is the chiropractor’s job to figure out “why” you are in pain in the first place. After they accomplish the “why” the easier it will be to start the appropriate treatment.

If you are experiencing severe weakness, burning, trouble swallowing, or talking this can be associated with a more serious condition and I urge you to seek medical attention.

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