TMJ Pain Relief With Your Indianapolis Chiropractor

Finding TMJ pain relief can sometimes be a mysterious thing. Thats because this complex joint is very misunderstood and leaves many clinicians scratching their heads.

Another reason why it is mysterious is the joint can have many problems associated with it that hinder various daily tasks like chewing, facial expression, and neck movements.

Anatomy of the TMJ:

The TMJ is a hinging and gliding joint which permits movement in 3 planes. The surfaces which make up this joint include: head of the mandible, articular tubercle of the temporal bone, and the mandibular fossa. An articular disc divides this joint cavity.

The muscles involved in mastication (chewing) are temporal, masseter, lateral pterygoid, and the medial pterygoid.

Problems That Arise From the TMJ:

The most common problem associated with the TMJ is called temporomandiublar dysfunction (TMD). Some issues relating to this may include clenching, malocclusion (problem occurring with your bite), muscle imbalances of the jaw, cervical (neck) problems, bad posture, and headaches.

Less common issues arise from trauma to the joint. A sideways blow to the chin when the mouth is open dislocates the TMJ on the side receiving the blow. Fractures of the mandible may also be accompanied by dislocation of the TMJ. This can lead to laxity and instability of the TMJ.

Treatment for TMJ Pain Relief:

PIR and ART of the hypertonic musculature:

Post-isometric relaxtion and active release technique will help relax any overactive or hypertonic musculature related to the TMJ. This will usually involve the main muscle of mastication (chewing), and even some neck muscles.

TMJ mobilization:

The doctor will mobilize the side of the joint that is restricted or hypomobile. There are NO adjustments or thrusts involved in this procedure. It is more of a distraction of the joint.

Spinal adjustments:

Your Indianapolis chiropractor will also assess the neck and spine and adjust any areas that are restricted.


The patient will be given specific instructions and at home exercises. The instructions and exercises will help retrain the muscles of the jaw and “wake up” inhibited muscles of the jaw which are important in normal function.

Correcting certain habits such as sitting and standing postures is also crucial. Chewing of gum should also be stopped.

Dr. Chelsey Smiley is certified in head, neck, and orofacial rehabilitation through the Central Institute for Human Performance. This enables her to evaluate, screen, and treat your TMJ problem. She can also work along side your dentist for the best overall outcome.

To schedule a risk free no obligation consultation call us today at 317-228-9701, why put off feeling good?

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