Marketing Ideas For Chiropractors Today To Get New Patients Tomorrow

Practice building marketing ideas for chiropractors part 2, to use today in this dreadful economy.


First off, I want to give you some advice.  Please don’t listen to how good your colleagues or classmates are doing out there.  Don’t compare yourself or your situation to anyone.  Just do what’s best for you and your family.  If you start paying closer attention to yourself and change your attitude, you will do great things!

A positive mental attitude can go a long way…I want to get more into this later.


If you have a new practice please refer back to my first page which talks more about acquiring new patients and the subject of marketing ideas for chiropractors.


This post is going to discuss how keep your new patients, re-activate them, and get them to refer patients to you (protecting your herd).


1. Be mainstream


Look, dress, and act the part of a mainstream doctor.  Make sure your office is impeccable.  Meaning very clean, modern, and not overwhelming.  Cut back on your educational posters.  Have one per adjusting room and none in the waiting room.  Think about wearing a very nice shirt and tie to the office everyday.


2. Communicate to your active and inactive patients often


As far as marketing ideas for chiropractors go this is a biggie! By communicating I mean email and snail mail.  If you don’t already, get the email address of all the new patients that come into your office.  If you’ve never collected email addresses have your staff ask on a sheet of paper and say this is how we are starting to communicate with our patients, would you like to get on our newsletter list?


This is a good way to position yourself as the authority in your town.  It’s also a good way to do non-verbal education.  By positioning yourself as the authority you are an obvious choice to refer to and reactivate when flare-ups occur.  Communicating often can mean one educational email per week, and one emailed newsletter per month.  You can snail mail 2-4 pieces per month.  Obviously, of all the marketing ideas for chiropractors this depends on your budget and size of your patient list.


3. Have a patient appreciation month


A patient appreciation month is a great way to re-activate inactive patients.  Type up a letter well in advance explaining that you appreciate all your patients and would like to give them a special offer during patient appreciation month and you ‘d like to extend the offer to a friend or family member for their first visit (get some referrals).


**Please check with your state board before making any discount offers.**


After you’ve typed up the letter and proofread read it, have your staff hand write their address and your return address on a standard envelope (hand written increases your open rate).  Also be sure to put a live stamp on the envelope.


You can do other things during this month like have an event, offer food and coffee to your patients during their visit, etc.  You can get creative.

Moving on with our marketing ideas for chiropractors.


4. Provide an experience conducive to both healing and enjoyment


You absolutely have to provide a great experience for your patients.  Provide a place of healing where patients actually want to go.  Some examples are; providing coffee and snacks for patients, having a TV in the waiting room with “planet earth” playing on the TV, not over-educating them, not over-treating them, not over-charging them, having fun while working hard, and having a staff with good personality.


5. Practice what you preach


Look good! Working out daily can do more than get you fit.  It can keep your mind right and both can make you a better chiropractor.  If you’re following these marketing ideas for chiropractors this is huge! Fear and worry can take over your practice and can be detrimental to your prosperity.  Do whatever you can to keep a strong mental attitude and ditch any negative thoughts about money.


Eat right! If you don’t really have a specific diet you follow, I would recommend the anti-inflammatory diet, to keep you pain free and your joints in good working order.


Get adjusted! You practice this everyday…right? Your patients need to be adjusted and so do you.  Doing manual adjustments all day can really wear down your joints.  Schedule an appointment with the chiro down the street and get to know them, think of it as comrades and not as competitors.


Follow these specific marketing ideas for chiropractors to protect your herd, make them stay, pay, and refer.

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