Mid Back Adjustment

A mid back adjustment will be performed by the doctors at ZCRC when an area in the thoracic spine has been found stiff by motion palpation of the joints.

The joints of the mid back (thoracic spine) can become stiff and restricted due to poor postural habits. Occupations that require people to sit all day and use a computer are notorious for having a stiff mid back due to poor seated posture. It is very important to take micro breaks from your workstation to stretch the pecs and open the joints of the mid back.

Some things that can cause pain in the mid back are poor posture, scoliosis, disc herniations in the neck or mid back, and other more serious things such as gallbladder issues, heart, lungs, pregnancy, pneumonia, and pancreatitis.

Spinal manipulation to these stiff joints combined with posture correction and rehabilitation exercise can greatly reduce pain and stiffness in the mid back and thoracic spine.

Dr. Chelsey Smiley providing a middle back adjustment:

Dr. Steve Smiley providing a middle back adjustment.

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