Motion Palpation is used
at Zionsville Chiropractic and Rehab

Motion palpation (MP) is considered to be the gold standard in spinal palpation around the world by chiropractors and other manual therapists. It was brought to the United States by Dr. Lenoard Faye, a chiropractor from Canada that has traveled the world teaching students and doctors. Today, MP is taught across the U.S.

The president of the MP Institute is Dr. Mark King. Dr. King owns and operates Mt. Lookout Chiropractic and Sports Injury Center in Cincinnati, OH. While Dr. King has been president many new and innovative techniques and ideas have been taught.

This palpation method involves the doctor moving the spine in different planes of motion to find the “stuck” or “locked up” joint. The perfect analogy used by doctors is a hinge being a joint. If you want to find out why a door isn’t working properly you would swing it around checking the hinges. This is what we do when we check the spine; we move the spine around and check for locked up joint.

It also involves a more functional model of looking at the human body. Doctors who use this can analyze functional movements by a patient (gait, squat, hip extension, push-up are a few examples) to find an abnormality and try to fix it.

This is used at Zionsville Chiropractic and Rehabilitation by Indianapolis chiropractors Dr. Steve Smiley and Dr. Chelsey Smiley.

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